US-10 Corridor Programs

The US-10 Corridor Schools are the product of a valuable partnership between the Mecosta-Osceola Intermediate School District (MOISD) and the facilities of Pineview Homes and Muskegon River Youth Home. Students are referred to these facilities based upon Department of Human Services (DHS), Michigan Judicial or parent decision. The MOISD provides full-time, on-site teaching staff for each facility through this partnership. All teachers are highly-qualified and also possess special education endorsements in an attempt to meet the vast realm of needs for the students. Through blended instruction, differentiation and an online curriculum delivery program, the MOISD teaching staff are able to match individual student needs to a program that allows for students to accelerate their education while focusing on content mastery. This empowers the student to work on an individualized program that directly meets their needs and transitional plans. Beyond academics, the MOISD staff also works hand-in-hand with the facility staff to meet student needs in an ever-changing environment.