The technology department services the technology needs of the MOISD's students and staff, as well as coordinating with the local school districts to provide centralized services.

Technology Support

For Technology support, you can contact us in one of three ways.

External LinkHelp Ticket system
Email: MOISD Tech Helpdesk
Phone: 231-592-9601 or 231-796-3543 Ext. 1342

If you are not sure who to contact for the different systems, please refer to the following list of support needs and who to contact.

Google DocWho to contact for technology support

What the support levels mean:

Low - This issue is not time sensitive
Normal - Most tickets should fall into this category
High - This issue is affecting a group of people and work has come to a complete stop
Critical - This issue is affecting all district users

Fred Sharpsteen
Assistant Superintendent of Technology
Resource Center
Mike Schonert
Network Engineer
Resource Center
James Canham Jr.
Computer Technician
Resource Center
Rose Kipfmiller
Computer Technician
Resource Center
Jennifer Wright
Computer Technician