Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

The PAC is an advisory committee appointed by the Board of Education of the Mecosta-Osceola Intermediate School District.  It is authorized by Rule 340.1838 of the Special Education Code which reads as follows:

A parent advisory committee shall be appointed by each intermediate school district board.

  1. The committee shall consist only of parents of students with disabilities with at least one (1) parent from each constituent local school district and public school academy.
  2. Each constituent local school district board of education and each public school academy board of directors shall nominate at least one (1) parent.
  3. The intermediate school district board of education may nominate additional members not to exceed 33 1/3% of the total parent advisory committee membership.

The parent advisory committee shall function on a continuous, active basis: to assist the intermediate school district and constituent districts in achieving total delivery of special education programs and services to all students with disabilities.  The PAC shall attempt to achieve these goals by:

  1. Being representative of the needs and desires of students with disabilities and their families.
  2. Becoming aware of special education programs and the functioning of such programs.
  3. Actively promoting the welfare of students with disabilities through parent and public education.
  4. Being open to hear the concerns expressed by parents of students with disabilities and by other concerned community individuals.
  5. Reviewing the proposed MOISD Special Education Plan during its development and making recommendations regarding the plan to the director of special education.  The PAC shall make a yearly review of the MOISD Plan for the current year.
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Parent Advisory Committee

Contact Information

Jodi LaFeldt
Assistant Superintendent of Special Education

Shavon Jane 
Big Rapids Public Schools

Diana Bitler 
Chippewa Hills School District

Amy Grandy
Crossroads Charter Acadmey

Kelli Elder
Evart Public Schools

Doug Barnes
Morley Stanwood Community Schools

Dave Scharlow
Reed City Area Public Schools

Marie Wilkerson