Forms Available

Acceptable Use Agreement (Staff) - Also see Board Policy 4510
Acceptable Use Agreement 2012 (pdf) (Students)
Accident Report - Employee (pdf)
Accident/Incident Report Form  (Students)
Acknowledgement of Resident District
Administrators Report of Business Expenses (pdf)
Attendance Referral (Truancy) (pdf)
Bus Pre-Trip Inspection Form (pdf)
Bus Driver Medical Examination Form (pdf)
Conference Form (xls)
Donation Report (pdf)
Educational Status Salary Change Request Form (pdf)
Equipment Check Out Form (pdf)
Equipment Safety Check (pdf)
iChat Form
Immunization Waiver Form (pdf)
Maintenance Request (pdf)
Medication Form (pdf)
Medication Log (pdf)
Mileage Form  (xls)
Money Owed by Students (pdf) 
Parent/Guardian Contact Log (pdf)
Proof of Age Form (pdf)
Request for Reimbursement (pdf)
Requisition (doc)
Safety Report (pdf)
Para_Educator Time Sheet (xls) Auto calc
Bus Aide Time Sheet (xls) Auto calc
Bus Driver Time Sheet (xls) Auto calc
Secretary/Maintenance Time Sheet (xls) Auto calc
Self-Calculating Para Educator Time Sheet - GSRP (xls) Auto Calc
Special Request for Leave Without Pay or Personal Leave 
CTE Para Educator Time Sheet (xls) Auto calc
Truancy Form
M-OP Co-Op Time Sheet (xls) Auto calc 
Use of Restraint/Seclusion Other Than Indicated by IEPT Process (pdf)




Please note: Most of these available documents are able to be filled out on your PC. Whenever possible, download the form to your LAN directory and edit it there. That way you have a copy. Please also note that the time sheets will automatically calculate your total time if you follow the format requested.