SCECH Application

Presenters who wish to offer State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) for a professional development offering must complete the form below. Requests cannot be received in any other format (e.g., via phone call). Please note the 45-day deadline.

Each application is due a minimum of 45 days in advance of the start of your program.  The typical processing time by the State for SCECH requests is 4 to 6 weeks.

Your program needs to be at least 1 hour long, excluding welcome, breaks, lunch, dinner speeches, registration, and housekeeping items.  Please have an agenda ready as you will be required to upload it. Thank you!

Select One:   (required) Help for Select One: Additional offering: you are adding another date to a previously approved program
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Help for Program Title (cannot be changed once submitted) Title can be no more than 35 characters including spaces.
Choose one:   (required) Help for Choose one: Hybrid: Program is a combination of face-to-face and virtual/online. Face-to-face: Participants physically attend the complete program. Virtual/Online: Complete program held through some type of virtual/online media
Same location as that of sponsor?   (required) Help for Same location as that of sponsor? Is the program being held at the sponsor's address (i.e., at MOISD)?
Help for Event Location If your event will not be held at the same location as MOISD, the event location name and address is required.
Help for Category Select the ONE that best describes your event.
Help for Course Narrative This is the description that will appear in the State course catalogue. Include basic information to let participant know what the program is about.
Prerequisites?   (required) Help for Prerequisites? If there is a program the participants must take prior to this program, please list below. If none, choose NONE.
Help for Prerequisites (if applicable) If prerequisites are necessary, please list them here.
Help for Participant Fee If there is a fee to attend this event, please enter the dollar amount here.
Help for Attendance Method What will you use to verify that registrants are in attendance? (sign-in sheet, some type of assignment, game, handouts with names, etc)
Help for Is this a conference? A conference has concurrent sessions & keynote.
Help for If this is a conference, enter the minimum number of hours available. For example: This is a 3-day conference where each session lasts 5 hours, but a participant doesn't have to attend every session. The minimum this participant can earn is 5 hours.
Help for If this is a conference, enter the maximum number of hours available Actual time of instruction. Do not include breaks, lunch, prep time or similar non-instructional activities.
Help for Total Contact Hours The actual time used for instruction. Do NOT count the welcome, breaks, lunch, dinner speeches, homework, prep time, registration, or similar non-instructional activities.
Help for Enter up to two program descriptors from the PDF document to right. You must select one, but no more than two.
Help for On-going enrollment? Program is work at your own pace - participants are uploaded when they complete the program requirements.
Is Program Restricted?   (required) Help for Is Program Restricted? If YES, list any restrictions related to the program. Restrictions may include: limited to a specific school, specific teacher group, etc.
Help for Program Restrictions (if applicable) Enter your program restrictions here.
Upload your agenda here (required) Help for Upload your agenda here Attach the final program agenda to this application. The agenda must show specific training subjects. It must also include break times (10-15 minutes for every 2.5 hrs of instruction) and meal breaks (full-day sessions should include a 30-60 minute lunch period). The agenda cannot change from the agenda approved by MDE. If you have any agenda/program changes, the changes must be approved BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF THE PROGRAM.
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ADVISORY: It is a criminal offense to use or attempt to use a SCECH transcript or certificate of completion that is fraudulently obtained, altered, and/or forged to obtain and/or maintain school administrator, teacher, and/or school psychologist certification or other State Board approval.
Help for Number of program offerings How many times will this exact same program be offered/presented?
Help for Beginning date #2 If this exact program will be offered more than once, enter in all the dates in the series here. MM/DD/YYYY
Help for Times of Event For example: 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM
This area contains the contact information and website for the person that participants would contact to get more information about this specific program.
Help for Who will serve as program monitor (full name please) The program monitor is typically the person completing this form.
Help for Program website (if applicable) If you would like your program details to include a website for participants to view, please include it here.
Help for Originating district (if applicable) If you are not an employee of MOISD (you are having us sponsor your event), please list your district here.
Completion of this form does not secure a meeting space on the MOISD campus. To book a room, please choose 'SchoolDude' from the Staff Menu at the top of this page or email with your room request.
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Host a SCECH Event

PDF DocumentWhat Are SCECHs?
PDF DocumentSCECH Descriptor Codes

The following do not count as contact time:

  • Welcome, introduction of speaker, housekeeping issues (list separately on agenda)
  • Breaks, lunch, and dinner must be a separate item on agenda. (breaks cannot be less than 10 minutes; meals cannot be less than 30 minutes):
    **do not combine keynote speeches and meals  
    **do not have “working” lunches 
  • Homework
  • Preparation time for offerings
  • Registration of participants
  • Orientation of staff personnel
  • Non-instructional committee meetings
  • Conferences or assemblies for policy-making purposes and business meetings of societies and associations
  • Attendance at entertainment events
  • Individual, self-directed studies, or other forms of independent learning experiences
  • Independent writing of articles or research reports or the presentation of reports