Request AT Tools


The Assistive Technology department provides support and resources for finding the right technology to suit each individual student and their needs. If the desired piece of technology is known, consider filling out a Google FormsLoan Request Form so the department can acquire and provide the item. If not, click below and select a school district's form to receive help in finding the appropriate assistive technology.

The MOISD makes available to its staff a variety of assistive technology devices, equipment, software, and professional devlopment materials. The AT library is designed to provide short-term (6 week) loans of assistive technology for the following purposes:

  • consideration/assessment as part of the IEP development process or IEP recommendation
  • classroom implementation on a time-limited basis
  • serving as temporary loaner during device repair or while waiting for funding
  • providing an accommodation for a student on a short-term basis
  • professional development (teacher training, skill development, etc.)

This program is not intended to provide long-term use of equipment either for student-specific or classroom use.

The list of tools is lengthy, so press "Ctrl + F" in order to search by tool name, keyword, category, or target audience (SLP, gen. ed, spec. ed, ect.) Some of the main categories of AT tools in the Lending Library are:

  • Books (AT, UDL, AAC, Children’s)
  • Software (Writing, Reading, Math, Speech & Game, Communication, Info
  • Manipulatives (kits, books with picture symbols)
  • AAC (Switches, Adaptive Toys, AAC, Visual Schedules, Mounts)
  • Writing (Low Tech, Mid Tech, High Tech, Word Processors)
  • Reading
  • High Tech Tools
  • Low Tech Kits

The PDF DocumentAT Tool Checklist can help teachers identify what technology would benefit a student in various areas of need.