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 Instructor: Sharrie Parke


Twitter: @sopherp 

Skype: Parke.family1


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Lab description

Lab objectives

To bring technology professional development to teachers.

Pre Requirements

Computer, Internet, and speakers.

Materials Needed

Access to a computer with Internet connectivity and speakers.


Downloads for the course*

*Websites for applications that need to be downloaded.
External Link
Google Earth


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Using Technology

Directions for accessing the sessions

Week 1

External LinkGoogle Drive and Documents for Teachers 2012


External LinkCreating a Google Account


External LinkGoogle Docs and the Common Core


External LinkGoogle Presentations


External LinkTeacher Crib Sheet for Google Docs


External LinkGoogle Doc for Educators


External LinkGoogle Docs Student Handout



Options for Using Google Docs on an IPad 

Google Drive for Ipad


GoDocs (4.99) for the IPad


Teachers Guide to the Use of Google Docs on IPad Great chart!!!!


Using Google Docs on an IPad YouTube Video



Week 2

Session 1

External Link 

Creating a Presentation in Google Docs


Session 2

Examples of Google Forms in the Reading and Math Classrooms 

Google Forms Examples in the Reading and Math Classrooms


80+ Ways of Using Google Forms in the Classroom


Creating a Self Grading Quiz in Google Forms


ipadUsing Google Forms with an iPad


How to Save a Google Form to an iPad Home Screen


Week 3

Using Google Calendar to Plan Lessons


Using Google Calendar for Parent Teacher Conferences


Google Calendar



Google Sync with an IPad

Week 4

Google Earth


Google Earth Tutorials


Google Earth across the Curriculum


Google Earth Guide


Seven Things You Should Know About Google Earth


Bring History Alive with Google Earth


Google Earth in the Classroom


Discovery Streaming and Google Earth


Creating Content in Google Earth





Google Earth App


 Week 5

PDF DocumentPicasa in the Classroom

Using Google Applications in the Classroom


Google Picasa


Picasa Training



Picasa Photo Album Lite

Week 6

Photo Story 3 Tutorial


Teacher Tube Photo Story 3 Tutorial


PS Online ManualVideo Tutorial


You Tube Photo Story 3 Tutorial


Awesome Free Digital Storytelling Tools


Digital Storytelling Resources


Digital Storytelling with an IPad


Teach With Your IPad