SEPTEMBER School Improvement Activities

Implementation graphic

For a list of all the Fall activities - see the Practical School Improvement Timeline  site. Information comes from that site, and all originals can be found there.

Alternate Checklist by SIP team and Principal Duties Google Doc


Classroom Activities


  • Pre-test students, then utilize pre-test data and benchmarking data to drive instruction
  • Implement specific activities from “School Improvement One-Pager” (one to two page summary of school improvement plan)
  • Begin an Instructional Learning Cycle within your PLC, department, or grade level.

Building Activities


  • 2013-14 School year created School Improvement Plan due September 1, 2014 , or as directed by districts.
  • Present to School Board your “accreditation” status, Annual Ed Report and practical School Improvement Plan (suggested key data points and overview of strategies)
  • Administer fall benchmarking assessments (Delta Math, DIBELS, writing prompts, etc.)
  • Hold monthly school improvement meeting (1st for the school year): Printable Sign in sheetSample September Agenda 
  • How will we make sure action steps in each goal are moving forward under the identified timelines?
  • How will we know that action steps are being implemented with fidelity by staff?
  • What is our structure for the school improvement team meetings to discuss progress throughout the year?
  • Establish a school improvement meeting calendar
  • Review implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of SI Plan
  • Establish universal screening for new, incoming students
  • Share school Annual Education Report at a parent meeting by October 15
  • Implement administrative monitoring plan of strategies/activities
  • Provide input on parent survey to be given at conferences
  • Identify October SIT meeting objectives; build meeting agenda

District Activities


  • Check status of federal funds for each school that receives money; make all necessary modifications.