OCTOBER School Improvement Activities

Implementation graphic

For a list of all the Fall activities - see the Practical School Improvement Timeline  site. Information comes from that site, and all originals can be found there.

Alternate Checklist Google Doc


Classroom Activities



  • Collect, organize and analyze data of students new to the school.
  • Implement specific activities from School Improvement Plan.
  • Complete Instructional Learning Cycle within your PLC, department or grade level and consider beginning a new ILC based on reflection on the first.
  • Continue to track student progress with formative assessments; analyze data and make refinements to instruction 

Building Activities



How will we make sure action steps in each goal are moving forward under the identified timelines and being implemented with fidelity by staff? 


  • Implement specific activities of School Improvement Plan
  • Compile summaries of both adult monitoring data (fidelity of implementation of SI strategies) and student impact data (generated from Fall benchmarking or other assessments–identifies student need as it relates to chosen strategies) to use when reporting to District Improvement Team during October meeting

Option 1: Send out an electronic survey tool for all staff to complete then discuss key indicators in a follow-up staff meeting

Option 2: Divide indicators to be addressed by staff teams that are composed of a variety of grade levels and/or departments.

Option 3: Combine the two previous options OR create your own process 


  • Collect (update) data for staff demographic section of School Data Profile
  • Identify November SIT meeting objectives; build meeting agenda

District Activities



  • Hold District Improvement Team (DIT) meeting to analyze building-level summaries of both adult monitoring and student impact data. Sign in sheet
  • Make adjustments to District Improvement Plan based on analysis of building-level summaries
  • Final Expenditure Report (FER) for previous school year grants available in the Cash Management System (CMS) with Final Submission DUE by late November
  • Title I Comparability Reports (Link)
  • REP (Registry of Educational Personnel) recommended due date of November 1
  • MDE posts final allocations, and amendment window opens in mid-October. Check status of federal funds for each school that receives money. Remember only ONE amendment allowed prior to December 14.