NOVEMBER School Improvement Activities

Implementation graphic

For a list of all the Fall activities - see the Practical School Improvement Timeline site. Information comes from that site, and all originals can be found there.

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Classroom Activities

  • Submit progress data for each of your school improvement initiatives
  • Teacher teams track student progress with formative assessments; analyze data and make refinements to instruction.

Building Activities

  • Hold monthly School Improvement Meeting (3rd for the school year) Printable Sign in sheetSample November Agenda 
  • Monitor the impact strategies are having on student achievement
  • Measure student progress towards measurable objectives
  • Collect progress monitoring data of school improvement initiatives.
  • Does the data support implementation with fidelity?
  • Does the data show initial indications of student success?
  • Is what we are doing working and how do we know?
  • If not completed in October, administer parent survey
  • Provide input on the staff survey
  • Update the School Data Profile with previous school year suspensions/expulsions and excessive absences
  • Implement the SPR 40 or SPR 90 survey to staff if this was the chosen route for data collection
  • Ensure that the strategies/interventions supporting each student performance goal are moving forward under the identified timelines
  • Begin formal evaluation of existing supplementary programs and SI Plan (Dec – March)
  • Identify December SIT meeting objectives; build meeting agenda

District Activities


  • REP (Registry of Educational Personnel) submission DUE December 1 (though MDE recommends completion by November 1)
  • Final Expenditure Report (FER) has a final submission date of late November for current fiscal year grants. Carryover is automatically calculated and incorporated into next year’s consolidated application when FER is certified in CMS .
  • Title I Comparability (Link) DUE in MEGS typically the first week in December
  • MDE has posted final allocations (sometime in October) and amendment window is open. Remember only ONE amendment allowed for Consolidated App prior to January 15
  • December 1 is the final submission data for the original Consolidated Application with DIP and Title I School Selection (TISS)
  • Begin formal program evaluation of existing supplementary programs and SI Plan (Dec–March)