FEBRUARY School Improvement Activities


For a list of all the Winter activities - see the Practical School Improvement Timeline  site. Information comes from that site, and all originals can be found there.

Alternate Checklist.


Classroom Activities (cyclical - repeated from January)


  • Compile formative assessment data as it relates to both fidelity of implementation of SI strategies and student progress toward proficiency; analyze data and make refinements to instruction
  • If applicable, complete all progress monitoring tasks specific to current Instructional Learning Cycle; detailed data will be necessary for reporting conversation
  • Compile summative assessment and/or Informed Interim Assessment data as appropriate to measure student proficiency on targeted standards and ultimate success of implementation
  • Celebrate with students the growth that has occurred!
  • Gather any additional data expected by School Improvement Team for all regular meetings

Building Activities


  • Finish School Process Profile: (SPR 40 or SPR 90 or Interim SA or SA) DUE late March (building must “submit” report and districts must “transmit” by March deadline)
  • Survey secondary students; Student Survey (Middle & High) (MDE suggests surveys for community and elementary students; Student Survey (Early Elementary), Student Survey (Elementary) as well) NOTE: visit ASSIST, log-in and click on the Diagnostics and Survey Tab.
  • School Data Profile/Analysis (SDP/A) (finish by mid-April)
  • In addition to MI School Data , districts will need to ADD the following data:
  • Staff demographic/ (gathered in October)
  • Suspension/Expulsion data (gathered in November)
  • Survey data: October Parents Survey, Staff December Survey and Students February Survey
  • ADD local data such as Fall, Winter, prior year Spring Benchmarking and ACT Plan/Explore (or other local data that shows achievement)
  • When questions have been updated, buildings need to submit, and districts must approve
  • Hold Monthly School Improvement Meeting (6th for the school year) Printable Sign in sheetSample February Agenda  
  • As you gather the four types of data (process data from SPR or SA, demographic & achievement data in SDP/A, and perception data from parent, student, staff surveys), remember to engage in conversations around “what” stood out and “why ” we believe this is happening; create or review action steps for collecting the rest of the data to compile the Comprehensive Needs Assessment and assist in “Defining the Problem”. NOTE: you most likely will not gather all this information in just this one month … this is a process not a single event.
  • Identify March SIT meeting objectives; build meeting agenda.

District Activities


  • Approve School Process Profiles by April 1, following buildings’ submission of reports. Pay particular attention to honesty in the report (unlikely everything should be marked implemented or above). Also, review closely the concluding remarks at the end of each standard as there are 12 reflection question.
  • Collect and submit MSDS data for Title I, Section 31a and Homeless. This includes the mid-year report for Title I-A and Section 31a counts eligible for free breakfast, lunch, or milk (submit after winter count day and prior to the end of March)
  • Send letter of invitation to Private/Non-Profit (P/NP) schools serving students living in your district. Include which buildings/grade levels are eligible for Title I Services and offer
  • Check MDE website or with OFS representative for initial allocations, then communicate to buildings projected allocations