DECEMBER School Improvement Activities


For a list of all the Winter activities - see the Practical School Improvement Timeline site. Information comes from that site, and all originals can be found there.

Alternate Checklist.


Classroom Activities


  • Review Formative and Interim Assessment Data.
  • Make necessary adjustments for 2nd Semester and inform SI Team.
  • Consider completing another Instructional Learning Cycle .
  • Continue measuring how students are individually moving toward their goals and engage students in the monitoring process.
  • Celebrate with students the growth that has occurred.

Building Activities


  • Hold Monthly School Improvement Meeting (4thfor the school year) Printable Sign in sheetSample December Agenda  
  • Begin School Process Profile: (SPR 40 or SPR 90 or Interim SA or SA)
  • Gather information: Teacher perspective on process re: building system. (Could use small groups to address segments of rubrics and report out or online survey tools)
  • Study and Discuss: Celebrate a few and narrow focus to 3-5 to improve
  • NOTE: If a thorough process was used last year to create staff buy-in on a smaller subset of indicators, simply monitor progress on those indicators and roll over results on the rest as this aligns to the new draft 6 year cycle for MDE.
  • Compile summaries of both adult monitoring data (fidelity of implementation of SI strategies) and student impact data (generated from Fall benchmarking or other assessments) to use when reporting to District Improvement Team during December meeting
  • Identify barriers and challenges that have occurred since implementing the SI plan.
  • Identify steps to take to address challenges and/or barriers.
  • Target students who require additional screening for 2nd Semester course placement
  • Make refinements to 2nd Semester courses and student placement in Tier II and III classes
  • Determine if teachers require additional training to monitor student growth; model expected focus on student achievement during SI meetings, PLCs, and/or collaborative time
  • Administer staff perception survey
  • Identify January SIT meeting objectives; build meeting agenda

District Activities


  • Begin discussion of completion of the District Process Rubrics (DPR) (DUE April 18, 2014)
  • Option 1: meet with appropriate school leaders and use completion of the DPR to model completion of the School Process Rubrics (SPR)
  • Option 2: use SPR data submitted by buildings to complete DPR
  • December 1 is the final submission data for the original Consolidated Application with DIP and Title I School Selection (TISS)
  • Registry of Educational Personnel (REP) submission DUE December 1 prior to Comparability
  • Title I Comparability (Link) DUE in MEGS typically the first week in December
  • January 15, 2014 is final submission date for amendments for all budgets (including carryover funds and final allocations) addressing final semester and summer programs
  • Remember ONE amendment allowed prior to January 31, 2014.