AUGUST School Improvement Activities

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For a list of all the Summer activities - see the Practical School Improvement Timeline  site. Information comes from that site, and all originals can be found there.

Alternate Checklist by Principal Duties.


Building Activities

  • Complete Annual Education Report (AER) fifteen days prior to the start of school. Post AER on the website, have AER available in the office, and include it as part of public meetings such as fall open house and the September Board of Education meeting.
  • Make final revisions to the School Data Profile/Analysis. For high schools, this will require utilizing previous Spring’s MME data to validate strategies/activities chosen. SUBMIT the SDP/A in AdvancED so that your district can TRANSMIT by September 1 (most likely this was done in the spring if following a practical timeline).
  • Make final revisions to the School Improvement Plan (SIP). Review the plan with staff, and facilitate a conversation that narrows the bulky SIP down to a one-to-two page summary of the critical or non-negotiable components teachers will implement in their classroom. These critical components should in turn become a part of principal and/or peer walk-throughs, Instructional Rounds, Instructional Learning Cycles, and/or formal evaluations
  • Organize/Confirm membership of the School Improvement Team:
  • Required members

       Parent of Title I student (if Title I, not a school employee)
       Parent of non-Title I student (not a school employee)
       Other school employee(s)
       School Board Member
       Secondary student(s)

    Note: School Code (380.1277) states “may include” the above members, therefore invitations are key; however, do not cancel the meeting based on missing a member. Also, not all members need to be at all meetings; parents, students and board members usually find the most engagement at the overview-type meetings typical at the beginning and end of the school year.

  • Review/revise school improvement team meeting schedule for the school year as necessary; distribute appropriately. 
  • Review Professional Development Plan for the school year with staff
  • Review Mission, Vision, and Belief Statements

District Activities

  • Complete Annual Education Report (AER) due mid-August (post to website, have printed copies available in the office, and briefly cover as a line item on the upcoming Board of Education meeting). Notify parents about teacher/paraprofessional qualifications.
  • Transmit all school improvement plans (these should have been submitted on AdvancED in June) NO LATER than September 1 (PA 25)
  • Transmit all School Data Profile/Analyse s (SDP/A) (these should have been submitted in AdvancED in May) NO LATER than September 1 (PA 25)
  • Consult MDE staff on required modifications for Consolidated Application after submission; make all necessary modifications throughout the summer.
  • Implement a process for collecting data for updating CEPI (MSDS, REP, SID, FID, EEM), including student participation data for Title IA, IC, and Section 31a.