Pupil Accounting Forms

Each form now includes a link to its section in the Pupil Accounting Manual. Most spreadsheets have several tabs across the bottom of the page. Please choose the tab that corresponds to your building or program.

Click "Enable Editing" and "Enable Content" when opening the Excel workbooks.

Excel DocumentAdult Education Forms Packet *All forms needed are included in this workbook*

Excel DocumentBirth Certificate Verification

Excel Document2014-15 Calendar, Hours and 75% Attendance NEW

Excel DocumentCooperative Education (Career Center) List of Pupils NEW

Excel DocumentCount Day Absence Forms  

Excel DocumentDesk Audit Checklist (all building types) NEW **This must be included in audit packets for all buildings**

Excel DocumentDS-4061

Excel DocumentDual Enrollment 

Excel DocumentEarly/Middle College NEW

Excel DocumentExperiential Learning - List of Pupils

Word DocumentHome School Report Form     PDF DocumentHome School Report Form

Excel DocumentHome Based (not medical) - List of Pupils and Teacher Time Sheet 

Excel DocumentHomebound-Hospitalized - Teacher Time Sheet and List of Pupils 

Excel DocumentIn-School Suspension - List of Pupils

PDF DocumentKindergarten Waiver Forms/Information    Word DocumentKindergarten Waiver Forms/Information

Excel DocumentLocal District Planning Form

Excel DocumentNon-Public Part-Time & Home-School - List of Pupils NEW

Excel DocumentPart-Time - List of Pupils NEW

PDF DocumentProof of Age (notary required)

Excel DocumentReduced Schedule - Approval and List of Pupils

PDF DocumentResidency Rules     Excel DocumentResidency Form - List of Pupils    Word DocumentSOCSample Letter   External Link SOC Definitions (MDE)

Excel DocumentSeat Time Waiver Forms NEW

Excel DocumentSection 25e FTE Adjustment Requests NEW

Excel DocumentSpecial Education Transition - List of Pupils 

Excel DocumentSpecial Education Pupils (Worksheets A & B with Instructions) 

Excel DocumentSplit Schedule - List of Pupils 

Excel DocumentSuspension Form (45-Day Return) - List of Pupils

PDF DocumentUnpaid In-District Placement

Excel DocumentVirtual, Distance, and Independent Study - List of Pupils NEW

Excel DocumentWork-Based Learning (all types) - List of Pupils