DATA Project: Driving Academics Through Analysis

    There are great tutorial help videos and webinars within Inform to help you navigate and work in the system. Log in to your account and click on the ?. If you still need assistance, contact Roger in the General Education office at 231-592-9613.


    MI School Testing Conference : February 18-20th, 2014

    Reports Creation

    Help Videos

    Retrieve MEAP Reports  :  This 2 minute video will help you locate MEAP "Bubble" reports in Pearson Inform's shared library 

    Top 3/ Bottom 3 Report  :
    This 3 minute video shows how to use Learning Station's Insight to find which standards students perform the best and worst on in standards aligned assessments.

    Compare Cohort ACT data : This 3 and a half minute video will help you use Pearson Inform to look at composite scores of a student across multiple ACT assessments.

    Help Documents

    MI School Data

    • Navigating Data  - access and navigate ISD, district, and/or school level data

    Assessment Creation Tool: Insight (Limelight) Camtasia Help Videos

    Assessment Creation Tool: Insight (Limelight)--Printing Student Answer Sheets-Camtasia Video

    Assessment Creation Tool: Insight (Limelight)--Assigning Tests to Students--Camtasia Video

    Data Warehouse/Inform Camtasia Help Videos

    Data Warehouse: Inform Log In - 2:00

    Data Warehouse: Inform Test Results Tab Part 1 - 3:15

    Data Warehouse: Inform Test Results Tab Part 2- 3:30

    Data Warehouse: Student Assessment Profile - 1:05


     Other Data Sites and Systems