Curriculum Support

Content/Subject Area:

The following resources come from this wiki. If you like the resources and want to see more, click on the link and request access to the wiki.


A Maths Dictionary for Kids - dictionary of math terms with visuals and activities link to the concept 
Geogebra - Free mathematics software for learning and teaching interactive graphics, algebra and spreadsheet for K- college. 
Illuminations website - activities and lesson plans aligned to NCTM standards. 
Inside Mathematics - resources in each grade level organized by grade or by math concept. They include a math problem with a scoring rubric, sample student responses, teacher information and dialogue and teaching practices. 
Khan Academy - educational videos produced by Salman Khan available on YouTube, iTunes, and Khan They cover everything from basic addition lessons to lessons in trigonometry.
Open Wide Look Inside- Blog with resources focused on literacy in early elementary math 
UEN elementary math  -  resources/ lesson plans 
UEN secondary math  -  resources/ lesson plans 

WolframAlpha - any mathematical computation or visual representation you need, you can find the answer here. 

English Language Arts


Critical Thinking Videos - are 6 animated videos, 2-3 minutes each, on critical thinking's definition and possible pitfalls.
Go Go News - site designed for elementary students that features many short  interesting and educational news stories that can be read and listened to.
Guys Read - A literacy initiative for boys started by author Jon Scieszka to encourage reading among boys all of ages. 
Lit Charts - Notes and summaries on common works of literature down to the chapter available to read online, download as a PDF, or download as an application for an iTouch

Newspaper Map shows you the front pages of newspapers from around the world and lets you click on the front page to gain access to the entire newspaper.

Starfall offers free online activities to help young students learn to read. Starfall covers everything from learning the alphabet to learning how to pronounce words.

Read Write Think  - Great web resource for ELA activities and lesson plans. 

Reading Rockets- resources and strategies for struggling readers 

Your Next Read - provides you with a web of book recommendations based on the authors and books you already like. 


6 traits - resources centered around each of the traits 
The Digital Directors Guild is a project designed to help teachers develop digital storytelling projects for their classrooms. The Digital Directors Guild offers sample projects and teaching resources for all grade levels.
Guzzle is a new web application that lets you create your own personalized online newspaper. 
One Word is a simple writing prompt generator. provides helpful feedback on grammar, spelling, word choice, and style, but not the author's arguments, logic, organization, and ideas.

Social Studies

The Avalon Project produced by Yale University, provides digital copies of hundreds of original documents from a myriad of topics in US History.

Close and Critical Reading - a wikispace that includes numerous resources all based on the CCSS from a social studies perspective.
CNN Student News - This news source creates a daily commercial free, 10 minute broadcast of the day’s news geared for middle and high school students. 

Gapminder gives users the ability to create graphs of nearly 500 demographic and economic indicators.

History for Music Lovers YouTube videos that change the lyrics of popular songs (current and old) into focused history lessons with a humorous twist

Michigan Citizenship Collaborative Curriculum - MC3 site created by Oakland County

Open Wide Look Inside- blog post about integrating literacy in the early elementary social studies classroom 

Resume Builder - Build and manage multiple resumes on line. 

Shmoop equals a great web site that publishes free online social studies and literature study guides.


Body Browser a 360 degree view of the human body with views of bones, muscles, organs, and the nervous system. 

Explore Learning: Online simulations (virtual manipulatives) for science (and math). Grades 3-12. 

Mind Project- virtual science labs related to health and biology that are free for teachers and students to use. Very interactive and informative. 

National Geographic for Kids: Animals - General resource on animals for students.  Good for researching for information on animals. 

The Physics Classroom- lessons, tutorials, practice problems, and interactive demonstrations. 

Sick Science are short demonstrations of science experiments students and parents can do at home

Study Jams
are videos, slide shows, and step by step explanations for science and math that will have your students discovering everything from invertebrates to the water cycle and the rule of divisibility. 
The Virtual Cell Free interactive tour of a cell. 
Virtual Chemical Lab-Choose solutions from the vast database and mix 'em together till the cloned cows come home. Marvel as the chemical solutions react in real time. 
WICKED Science interactives help students understand the earth- what it looks like, what it is made of, and how it works.  

World Languages

Dot Sub- add subtitles to a video in a few easy steps. This could be done in the target language or the primary language depending on the students' level. 

Duolingo has users translate the web/text at their learning pace. 

Center for Language Education and Research multiple tools and resources for language teachers 

Lingt- give students speaking and response activities on their own time and to grade them on your own time. 

MDE World Languages Requirement Resources (MME)

Study Stream learn to read and speak Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese through a collection of videos and articles in the language that you're trying to learn. 

Type It is a free online program for typing accent marks and other special characters that are often required for languages other than English 

Destinos 52 video series that uses native speakers and narrators to introduce Spanish in increasingly difficult levels.

Visual, Performing and Applied Arts

MDE Resources


Art Project powered by Google interior tours of seventeen world famous art museums.
ArtsEdge - Provides standards based teaching materials, along with instruction guidelines, mentoring, web resources, relevant articles, how-to’s, and more to integrate art into existing instruction.
Literacy Head publishes lessons for teaching visuals-based reading, writing, and vocabulary lessons.
Meet Me At Midnight introduce students in grades 3-5 to types of art, art concepts, and art vocabulary. 
Three Primary Colors OK Go explains the three primary colors in a song. 


Animating your lessons- resources for drama class or incorporating drama in other classes

Raw Scripts screenplay scripting tool. 


Beat Lab experiment with thousands of sound and rhythm combinations.

Jam Studio- Music creation tool
Music Tech Teacher music activities for students to  use independently at home or in the classroom. offers music theory lessons covering everything from basic note recognition to difficult chord inversions.
UJAM allows the creation of a song by singing/talking and selecting from many different genres of music that automatically fits the beat of your words.