Vision 2020

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Help for Clear Direction The capacity to agree upon, define and clearly communicate to stakeholders the direction, mission and goals that the institution is committed to achieving. Mission and purpose driven and how this aligns with all actions that are then set out in a focused improvement plan along with ethical governance and leadership that undergirds all of it.
Help for Healthy Culture The shared values, beliefs, written and unwritten rules, assumptions and behavior of stakeholders within the school community that shapes the school's social norms and creates opportunities for everyone to be successful. A healthy school culture creates an environment in which the school community at all levels is actively engaged, feel empowered to effect positive change, enjoys congenial and supportive relationships and is supported and mentored for success.
Help for High Expectations An institution's stated commitment and demonstrated actions in support of high expectations for all stakeholders, including excellent student learning outcomes and success, high levels of teacher quality and support, leadership effectiveness, proactive community engagement, and valuable parent involvement.
Help for Impact of Instruction The capacity of every teacher to purposefully and intentionally create an environment that empowers all students to be successful in their learning and reach expected levels of achievement including readiness to transition to the next level of learning or career pathway.
Help for Resource Management The ability of a school to plan, secure, and allocate its resources (human, material, and fiscal) to meet the needs of every learner. Resources align to learner-centric priorities; is able to find and support high quality talent; integrates digital resources; provides access to digital resources and strategically analyzes use of resources and outcomes/success.
Help for Efficacy of Engagement The capacity to engage learners and other stakeholders in an effective manner to improve learning outcomes. Engages the entire stakeholder education community in purposeful and meaningful efforts/activities that drive their active participation; check in regularly with the stakeholder community and gathers their perceptions, opinions and feedback and has a plan to utilize the feedback and can show it affected change in actions and/or processes. Ensures comprehensive services for all learners.
Help for Implementation Capacity The ability of a school to execute, with consistency, actions designed to improve organizational and instructional effectiveness. The capacity to implement processes and practices with consistency and with high quality prevents the naysayer statements of
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