Families in Transition

Resources for local districts working with homeless students and unaccompanied youth.

    Definition of Homeless according to McKinney-Vento Legislation:

    The law says that a child or youth without a fixed, regular and adequate residence is homeless. It does not matter how long the child or youth has been without a home. It also does not matter if the child or youth is living with a parent or is separated from parents. Under the Act, students are homeless if they are:

    • Living with a friend, relative or someone else because they lost their home or can't afford a home
    • Staying in a hotel or motel
    • Living in an emergency or transitional shelter or a domestic violence shelter
    • Staying in substandard housing
    • Living in a car, park, public place, abandoned building or bus or train station
    • Awaiting foster care placement
    • Living in a campground or an inadequate trailer home
    • Abandoned in a hospital; or living in a runaway or homeless youth shelter

    The following are designated liaisons from the districts covered by our McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Grant: 


    District Contacts Title District Phone
    Lisa Buckingham School Counselor Big Rapids  231-796-7651
    Sarah Harless Principal (K-12) Bear Lake 231-864-3133
    Ann Bush Middle School Counselor Cadillac 231-876-5711
    Robert Ferguson Dean of Students Casman Academy 231-723-4981
    Dawn Hawley Administrator Chippewa Hills  989-967-8150
    Debbie Bennett Executive Secretary Crossroads Charter Academy 231-796-9041
    Sue Lenahan Counselor Evart  231-734-5595
    Tina Chapman Title I Teacher Kaleva Norman Dickson 231-447-5355 x219
    Holly Helsel School Success Worker Lake City 231-839-7162
    Julia Raddatz   Manistee  231-723-5212
    Brooke McIsaac Special Education Supervisor Manistee ISD 231-723-6205
    Beth Wallin HS Counselor Manton 231-824-6411 x2
    Danyel Prielipp HS Counselor Marion 231-743-2836
    Becky Howe School Success Worker McBain 231-825-8041
    Anna Gooden HS Guidance Counselor Mesick 231-885-1201
    Karen Roy Director of Special Projects MOISD 231-592-9605
    Tom Rojeski Community Homeless Liaison MOISD 231-592-9219
    Karen Wing School Social Worker Morley-Stanwood  231-856-4550
    Gina Hagen Principal Onekema  231-889-5521
    Barbara Sicoli HS/MS Guidance Counselor Pine River 231-768-4481
    Katie Eisinger Curriculum Director Reed City 231-832-2224
    Laurie McKay Early Intervention WMISD 231-876-2287