Helping Schools Help Students!

I would like to welcome you to the MOISD website. As the ISD serves the five school districts, one charter academy and five parochial schools of Mecosta and Osceola counties, we strive to be an integral part of each community's service to students.

Interim Superintendent Mark KlumppHopefully, this site will be a resource for you or your organization in regards to educational information and connections throughout the educational community. The MOISD exists to serve the local school districts as they serve their students; this is a monumental shift in philosophy from years past. We are a "Good to Great" helper organization interested in our local district's success as they seek to serve their students. Feel free to learn more about this shift in focus and what it means for our two counties by clicking on the documents located on the right side of this page.

The MOISD website will give you some insight into the many areas where our services are focused. In general, the three main areas an ISD serves are:

  1. Career Center programming;
  2. General Education services; and
  3. Special Education services

As you will see from the website, we have many other areas where the MOISD is involved with Ferris State University, our local schools, and their communities. With almost 250 employees, we have a major impact in our area as we help the local districts comply with State and Federal regulations and solve local challenges.

The MOISD has some unique programs in Special Education, juvenile delinquency facilities on U.S. 10, the Woodbridge Promise (early college program for high schoolers) located at Ferris State, and a personnel cooperative where services are shared to save cost and increase expertise.

I believe we are the "most cooperative" ISD in the State of Michigan: the MOISD takes pride in being the catalyst for successful cooperation between the local districts. We are located on the East side of Big Rapids on M-20 (maps are linked on this website) and would welcome your visit at any time.

Feel free to call me at 231-796-3543 or e-mail at should you wish to know more about the MOISD and how it "Helps Schools, Help Students."

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Mark R. Klumpp
Interim Superintendent